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Graphic Design

Let’s take your business to the next level. Skilled in a wide range of design and marketing, from logos to complete brand identity and everything in between. 

Screen Printing

Turn your idea into a unique printed product. Using traditional screen printing methods to create eye catching design for your business.


Browse Telegram Print Co. merchandise to buy for you home or order wholesale to carry in your boutique.


Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a Graphic Designer and Screen Printer with over 10 years of experience. Trained in traditional marketing and advertising, I have a wide range of experience designing both print and digital marketing materials. But my specialty, and expertise lies in designing the perfect printed piece for your business.


Print has power. It has the power to convey a deeper level of engagement with your customers, and can unconsciously heighten their brand awareness and influence their purchasing decisions. Touching a tangible piece of printed material can increase trust and strengthen the bond a consumer makes with your brand. Even paper quality, weight and texture, can make a difference on how your brand is perceived, in a way that digital marketing cannot convey. In short, the medium can shape the message.


Whether you’re looking for concept and design work for print ready files. Or interested in full service printing, on high-end papers and fabrics. I can support your business to reach your design, marketing and promotional goals.


I offer my clients the highest level of quality in all printed materials, including Fair Trade, organic cotton textiles and environmentally friendly paper whenever possible. Offering sustainable products to your customers, and environmentally responsible marketing materials to promote your brand, shows your clients the integrity of your business and your commitment to responsible business practices. It propels your business above the competition, in a world where sustainability is increasingly expected of brands by a growing number of conscious consumers.


So, how can I help you create a powerful brand message, and sustainable offerings to your customers today?



Telegram Print Co. is a full service design studio offering custom Graphic Design and Screen Printing services as well as screen printed home decor products. Below you can find a list of services:

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Brochure Design

Flyer Design

Catalog Design

Direct Mail

Business cards

Promotional Postcards

Product Labels

Hang Tags

Promotional Merchandise

Poster Design 



Printing for Special Events & Weddings

Fill out the form below with a description of your project, and I can provide you with a quote. 

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How can I help you?


I do not print on client provided garments.

Wholesale prices for garments, totes, towels etc. are available to you
through my network of wholesale partners!

Printing maximum of 4 ink colors for your design.

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